Mire Poix, Mixed Spice and beyond

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A blog borne of my increasing food-related curiosity, and to relief a certain blue-eyed boy from the incessant and not quite so internal dialogue that naturally results from this.

mire poix (french for 2:1:1 of white onions, carrots & celery) because before I knew its proper name, I referred to it as the ‘culinary equivalent to holy trinity’ and that concept fascinated me. mixed spice because it’s my staple spice. it’s my omnipotent answer to the slightest risk of blandness, be they in dishes savoury or sweet, Asian or Western.

and lastly, because everyone has an opinion on food. so much so that in a way it’s my security blanket, my ice breaker that does the same thing as, but is so much more meaningful than small talk about the (permanently miserable) weather.

chin chin to new beginnings.

minimalist chic

minimalist chic

Written by misschoi

March 14, 2009 at 9:45 pm

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