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things I love but haven’t yet managed to photograph

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..mostly because I eat them too fast.

  • Adam’s latte de casa: with 75% frothed up milk and double espresso poured over, where the bubbles rival any ‘stiff peaks’ created by experienced meringue makers. Comfort without calories.. so there is a god!
  • Egg Waffles from a dingy stall plastered with articles reporting celebrity patrons near where I used to take math lessons in North Point, served in a holey brown bag that never quite saved the crispy bits from escaping onto my quadratic equations
  • Grilled breaded/battered anything: be they homemade fishcakes, delicate seafood tempura, gritty deep-fried calamari, Rusholme’s trademark onion bhajis, reformed turkey with extra water, or veg-style quarter pounders. Gone as soon as they reach the optimum golden brown shade even if I have to eat with my mouth open to let the steam out
  • Yorkshire puddings with an obligatory 2-second dip into the gravy and/or accompanying fruit sauce / chutney
  • Toasted carbs – brown seeded honey bloomer, day-old walnut bread revived by putting one side under the grill, lowly own brand crumpets. Sense of urgency heightened at the presence of any kind of spread.
  • ^(I have always had a love-hate relationship with toast racks, such simple and elegant design.. but I see right through you lot trying to cool my food down!)

a common theme of transience emerges.


it is literally like the photo.  I lose interest as soon as the core temp falls below this ridiculously narrow range. So it’s not a mere case of “well duh, no one likes day-old fish and chips.”

and with the exception of the first in that list, I’m happy enough cribbing from professionally photographed versions of the same. because let’s face it – in the time it takes to make do these delicacies justice, it will do them no justice at all.


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March 16, 2009 at 11:21 pm

hello world indeed

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A blog borne of my increasing food-related curiosity, and to relief a certain blue-eyed boy from the incessant and not quite so internal dialogue that naturally results from this.

mire poix (french for 2:1:1 of white onions, carrots & celery) because before I knew its proper name, I referred to it as the ‘culinary equivalent to holy trinity’ and that concept fascinated me. mixed spice because it’s my staple spice. it’s my omnipotent answer to the slightest risk of blandness, be they in dishes savoury or sweet, Asian or Western.

and lastly, because everyone has an opinion on food. so much so that in a way it’s my security blanket, my ice breaker that does the same thing as, but is so much more meaningful than small talk about the (permanently miserable) weather.

chin chin to new beginnings.

minimalist chic

minimalist chic

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March 14, 2009 at 9:45 pm